Sunday, February 1, 2009

my holiday

Sat, 24th jan 09

I feel very happy because I want go back my home.I can see my family that i never seen after 26th dis 09.I very miss my family especially my mother.I buy something special for my family before I arrived at my home.Before this my mother ask me when I want to go back home.i said I go back on 26 jan 09, but just lie.I want to surprised him on 24th jan cz that day is my younger sister birthday.When I arrive at my home one sweet moment happen(no need to story cz i lazy to write it)

Sun, 25th 09

sweet moment with mr.zailan family.

mon, 26th jan 09

My family and I celebrate my sister birthday at Padi House.The view nice.the food also nice.All my family happy that night cz everybody already ugly with cream cake like a orang asli.....

Tue, 27th jan 09

I follow my family went to jogging at tasik cyberjaya. I very funny see my mother jogging because she look chubby hahaha. My father always call my mother "si junid buncit". My mother laugh to my father cz she said my father jogging like "spongebob".After jogging we go back home and I help my mother cook for lunch.

Wed, 28th jan 09

I hang out with my friend.We were watching cinema.We watch movie SIFU N TONGGA.That movie very funny.After watching cinema we go to karaoke.Even I know my voice very terrible.But i dont care I just want to release my tension.

Thu, 29th jan 09

I hang out with my family.We go to Sunway Pyramid and play a bowling.I match with my family and I lose.So my family punish me to cook for tomorrow.Not fair! cz my mother become a big boss hahaa

Fri, 30th jan 09

today i need to cook. I must cook very well to chalenge with my mother.After I finish to cook I serve it special at dining table.Hmm I think I good in cooking haha cz my dish very delicious.My family praise my im proud la....

Sat, 31st jan 09

I feel very cz today i need go back to johor.Tickets for sunday finish already so no way.I need go back to my campus today.

Sun, st Feb 09

life go on without my family.........

(sir sorry my english is broken,but i want to try write my story in english.sorry if u get a headache after read my story)


  1. full of fun activities during the holiday, i envy you, ahah, :)