Monday, January 12, 2009

summary of classes

monday, 12 jan 08.

hye!!! abby here or my full name, nor abiqah bt zailan.i'm am science computer student.Actually i not interested to study this course.But i have given a chance to study science computer.So, i need to do my best even i do not like this course.I should be grateful for this chance.
In science computer i need to study the Fundamental of computer science or csc 119.My lecturer that teach me this course is mr. ABD MALIK B. MOHD RICK.First class with Sir Abd Malik we need to introduce ourselves that is name, place origin, and previous school.After that he start to teach us about chapter 1.Then we are divide into a 5 group to do a task from sir abd malik.crossword puzzle.I enjoy my first class with Sir Abd Malik.